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We provide expert advice on mortgages. We are here to find the best possible deal for you, not the lender. We will listen to you, understand your needs and do everything in our power to make the process as simple possible. Whether that’s going over the finer details ‘one more time’ to make sure you are comfortable, fighting your corner when you don’t quite ‘fit the box’ or working around your schedule because there aren’t enough hours in the day, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much you can borrow depends on a number of factors, not just how much you earn. Get in touch to discuss your individual circumstances in more detail.

Your credit rating will normally be reviewed when applying for a mortgage. There are a wide range of factors that affect your credit rating some of which may reduce the number of lenders that would be prepared to lend to you. We have access to a wide range of lenders with varying criteria. If you are worried about your credit rating please give us a call to discuss your options.

Not necessarily. Depending on your circumstances you may be able to apply for a mortgage before you have even started your new job. Call us to review you personal situation and discuss your options.

A capital repayment mortgage, sometimes referred to as a capital and repayment mortgage or a repayment mortgage is a mortgage where your payments are made up of capital and interest, meaning if you make all of your payments as they become due you will end up with a zero balance at the end of your mortgage term. An interest only mortgage is a mortgage where your payments are made up of only interest, meaning you will still owe the full balance at the end of the term. Call us to discuss your options in more detail. 

The monthly payment amount depends on the amount, term, interest rate and repayment type. Please get in touch to discuss your situation in more detail.